About Journal

The JCP journal is a quarterly peer reviewed journal which publishes articles in the field of clinical psychology since 2009 . All electronically received manuscripts undergo a tough peer review process which normally takes  1 to 3 months, although in some cases a third review may also be necessary that extends this time. The journal is already indexed in ISC, SID, Magiran, etc. and we hope to join SCOPUS as soon as possible. We are expecting to receive mainly manuscript extracted from PhDs and Masters , however, those derived from conducted independent research or research projects funded by organizations, hospitals , clinics and research centers are welcome whenever follow a scientific and ethical rules and standards.We expect manuscript to benefit of a valuable research design, innovation and creativity ,as well as, a professional data analysis and statistic information. Those manuscript who address the  problems in psychological clinics and hospitals and/or examine effectiveness of recent therapeutic clinics  compared to classical interventions are welcome.