Author = Fathi-Ashtiani, Ali
Validation and Reliability of the Persian Version of the MentalizationQuestionnaire

Volume 12, Issue 1, July 2020, Pages 1-12


Elahe Drogar; Ali Fathi-Ashtiani; emad ashrafi

Validity and Reliability measurement of the Persian version of anxiety Control Questionnaire

Volume 9, Issue 4, March 2018, Pages 33-43


S Salari-Moghaddam; A.R Ranjbar,; Ali Fathi-Ashtiani

Effectiveness of Marital Enrichment Programs on Couple’s Marital Satisfaction

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2011, Pages 27-37


Freshteh Pour-Mohseni; Abasali Allah-Yari; Ali Fathi; Parviz Azad-Fallah; Fazlollah Ahmadi

The Relationship between Extraversion, Neuroticism and Cognitive Failures: The Assessment of Metacognition as a Mediator

Volume 2, Issue 4, January 2011, Pages 41-49


Mahnaz Shahgholian; Parviz Azadfallah; Ali Fathi-Ashtiani; Hassan Ashayeri