Effectiveness of Marital Enrichment Programs on Couple’s Marital Satisfaction



Introduction: Nowadays, the strengthening couples through marital enrichment programs for encounter with marital problems have received family professional’s attention. The objective of this research was investigation the effect of ENRICH's and Glasser's marital enrichment programs on couple’s marital satisfaction.
Method: This study was an experimental design and pretest-posttest with control group. Participants were 36 married couples in Behzisti's counseling centers of Ardebil that selected by available sampling method. All Subjects completed the ENRICH marital satisfaction questionnaire. Then subjects randomly assigned in two experimental and one control groups. (24 couples in the experimental groups and 12couples in the control group). Two experimental groups received ENRICH and Glasser marital enrichment programs and control group had no treatment. In the end of treatment, couples again completed ENRICH marital satisfaction questionnaire. Data were analyzed by Analysis of Variance, Analysis of Covariance , Multivariate Covariance Analysis and scheffe test.
Results: Marital enrichment programs could effectively increased and improved marital satisfaction in experimental groups compared to the control group. Also ENRICH and Glasser marital enrichment programs improved marital satisfaction dimensions such as personality issues, marital communication, conflict solving, financial management, leisure activity and sexual relationship but comparisons among the two programs revealed that none of them was clearly superior.
Conclusion: In sum, the findings of present research revealed that the usage of marital enrichment programs could prevent of marital distress and divorce.