The Effect of Cognitive-Behavioral Group Pain Management Therapy on Depression of the Female with Chronic Low Back Pain



Introduction: Prevalence of psychological disorders in patients with Chronic Pains such as Chronic Low Back Pain was conformed in various researches. The purpose of this study was to consider the effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Pain Management Therapy on the depression of female patients with chronic low back pain.
Method: This research was an experimental study including pre-test, post-test, follow-up and control group which has been carried out in clinical centers of Yazd. The sample consists of 24 Low Back Pain patients diagnosed by specialist. The questionnaire was consisted of the depression subscale of SCl-90-R which was completed by subjects before and after intervention. Cognitive-Behavioral Pain Management Therapy was carried out on the experimental group in 8 sessions over a period of two months.
Results: The results of this research showed that the means of depression in experimental group has reduced significantly in comparison with the control group.
Conclusion: According to the results findings, Cognitive-Behavioral Pain Management Therapy is effective in decreasing depression in patients with chronic low back pain