Effectiveness of Combined Attachment-Related Intervention and Parent Management Training in Insecure Mothers of the ADHD Children



Introduction: The present study investigated the effects of combined attachment-related intervention and parent management training on symptoms of the children with ADHD whose mother’s had insecure attachment styles.
Method: Six mothers from the clients of Rofeideh Center who had a child with ADHD and whose attachment styles were insecure and whose scores on Beck Depression Inventory were less than 21 were selected and entered the study in a random order. Evaluation implemented using Beck Depression Inventory, Experiences in Close Relationships Scale, and a Checklist of ADHD symptoms. Each subject presented in ten sessions of attachment-related intervention and Six group sessions of parent management training.
Results: Reduction rate of ADHD symptoms in whole ranged from 4% to 26%.
Conclusion: The intervention offered for insecure mothers was effective to reduction of ADHD symptoms in their children but the extent of reduction differed in subjects.