The Effectiveness of Training Intervention based on “Schemas Model” on Marital Satisfaction Enhancement



Introduction: Marital satisfaction is a complex and important aspect of marital relationship that can be influenced by several factors and different intervention styles can have an impact on in. The aim of this study was to identify dominant schemas in marital dissatisfaction and to investigate the effectiveness of schema-focused training intervention on enhancement of marital satisfaction.
Method: For this propose, forty persons (man and woman) with marital dissatisfaction interviewed and assessed by research instruments (ENRICH, SCL-90, GHQ, YSQ-SF) and then divided to experimental and control groups. Intervention was conducted on experimental group but control group received no intervention.
Results: Findings showed that primary non adaptive schemas are associated with marital dissatisfaction and also schema-focused intervention is effective in enhancement of marital satisfaction.
Conclusion: Schema-focused training intervention can be used as an effective intervention in interpersonal problems of couples, especially marital dissatisfaction.