The Discriminative Role of Quality of Life and Hope in Narcotic Anonymous and Methadone Maintenance Groups



Introduction: Narcotic anonymous association is a program of recovery of drug-abuse which focused on healthy of physical, physiological, mental and spiritual function. The current study aimed to compare the quality of life and hope levels among narcotic anonymous (NA), and Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT), members.
Method: In this causal-comparative study, 100 male (50: NA, 50: MMT. Age: 20-40, minimal clean period: 6 mounths), from Shahrood city completed World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale (QoLWHO), and Snyder Hope scale.
Results: The results showed that mean scores of agency thinkig, hope, interpersonal relationships, and physical health, in NA members was significantly higher than their MMT counterparts. Also, the results of discriminant analisis showed that comparative differences between these samples were highlited in compound of variables (in order to significance: interpersonal relationships, agency thinking, physical health).
Conclusion: It seems that actively attendance in NA association in comparison of MMT coused better quality of life and promotion of persons’ voluntariness to pursuing of aims. Specially, their interpersonal relationships enhanced, their phhysical and mental life are important for them, also as a result of attendance of NA association they pursuing their living path hopefuly.