The Effectiveness of Coping Strategies Training with Irrational Beliefs (Cognitive Approach) on Test Anxiety of Students



Introduction: This study examined the effectiveness of coping strategies to deal with irrational beliefs (cognitive approach) on test anxiety students.
Method: The population consisted of all of first grade of high school students in Sharyar County. 60 cases of students with test anxiety, one standard deviation above the mean were selected and randomly divided into two groups (30 patients in experimental group and 30 controls) were replaced. 8 sessions of group training program for coping with irrational anxiety group were tested. All subjects before and after treatment and at one-month follow-up questionnaire completed coping with irrational beliefs.
Results: Multivariate ANOVA for repeated measures showed that training reduced anxiety in coping with the irrational beliefs of the students are. These results were maintained at follow-up.
Conclusion: Teaching of coping strategies can reduce students test anxiety and can lead to mental health.