Study of Subtypes of ASPD and Comorbidity with Anxiety and Opioid Disorders



Introduction: The study of subtypes antisocial personality disorder and comorbidity of anxiety and
opioid disorders were studied in current research.
Method: The samples were 90 persons who were selected by aimed available sampling from central
prison of city and rehabilitation centers. Individuals with ASPD were diagnosed by Millon Clinical
Multiaxial Inventory and Structured Clinical Interview for DSM was used for determining ASPD
criterions rate of anxiety was assessed by Cattel test. The research design was correlations, so Pearson
correlation, step wise and Chi-Square were used for data analyzing.
Results: Results showed that ASPD and anxiety disorder were comorbid, as well as ASPD/Anxiety
disorder is a variant of ASPD, and ASPD subtypes and anxiety disorder related among opioids.
Conclusion: Two subtypes of ASPD existed (with anxiety and without anxiety).