A Survey on the Collaboration of Iranian psychologists in producing scientific papers in Medline during 2000-2010



Introduction: The main aim of the article is determination of the status of Collaboration on
Iranian psychologists in producing scientific productions which published in the top level
psychology journals during 2000-2010.
Method: Top journals were selected among 71 journals listed in the subject category of
psychology in JCR database. Raw data’s extracted from MEDLINE database.
Results: Results showed that a total number of 13,566 papers in the form of journal article
were published in top journals and indexed in the database of MEDLINE. The study further
showed that USA was the most dominant country in the term of producing and distribution
scientific profiles in top psychology journals followed by UK and Germany. In MEDLINE
0.15% of articles belong to Iran. 11% of scientific profiles were done by international
Conclusion: Although the number of Iranian publication in the field of psychology has been
increased linearly but we should bear in mind that the number of Iranian profiles in the field
was diminutive.