Comparison of Mindfulness and Anxiety Sensitivity among Students with Compulsive Hoarding and Body Dysmorphic



Introduction: The aim of this study was to compare mindfulness and anxiety sensitivity among students with compulsive hoarding and body dysmorphic.
Method: The study, is a cross-sectional comparative description. The population of the study, includes all the students of Payame Noor University - Tehran, were enrolled in the 91-92 school year. The sample consist of 30 student in Saving inventory and the multidimensional body-self relations questionnaire achieved a high score selected via Cluster sampling method. To collect data, we used saving inventory, the multidimensional body-self relations questionnaire, mindfulness questionnaire, anxiety sensitivity scale and scale storage behaviors were physical deformity.
Results: The results of Multivariate analysis Of variance showed that there is significant difference between the two group with body dysmorphic and compulsive hoarding student, in anxiety sensitivity and mindfulness (P