Effectiveness of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy on Reduction of Symptoms in Oppositional Defiant Disorder



Introduction: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT) in reducing of the oppositional defiant behaviors of children.
Method: The statistical society was the whole of children aged 4-7 sub education in kindergartens in city of Mashhad. The subjects comprised 30 couples of mothers and children with oppositional defiant disorder who were selected with available method sampling using screening tools for emotional problems of children. The subjects were randomly assigned to experiment (n=15) and control group (n=15).The experimental group had 7 intervention sessions of parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT). At the end of treatment, a post-test was taken from both groups.
Results: The results of covariance analysis showed significant reduction in symptoms of oppositional defiant behaviors in experimental group compared with control group (p=0.001).
Conclusion: Parent-child interaction therapy on mothers can reduce the symptoms of oppositional defiant behaviors in children.