Validity and Reliability of the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems (IIP-32)



Introduction: Interpersonal problems are difficulties that people experience in relation to others. Whatever we experience more problems in the area of interpersonal relations, the chance for better life will be lost. In this regard, the inventory of interpersonal problems (IIP-32) is designed to assess these Problems.
Method: The aim of this study was to investigate the validity and reliability of IIP-32. This scale designed to assess interpersonal problems in adult people. The main problems contain: sociability, assertiveness, aggression, supportiveness, involvement, caring, openness and dependency. Samples consist of 384 female students of Shiraz University that were selected by available sampling method. After completing this scale by the sample group, exploratory factor analysis of the IIP was used for construct validity.
Results: The results of this analysis led to extraction of 6 factors: Assertiveness and Sociability, Openness, Caring, Aggression, Supportiveness and Involvement and Dependency. The significant positive relationship between interpersonal problems and alexithymia indicated good convergent validity. Cronbach's alpha (0/82) and half-split coefficients (0/82) showed that the reliability of this scale is suitable.
Conclusion: Since the effective factors on interpersonal relationship are derived from culture and environment, the results are congruent with cultural structure and personal characteristics in this culture especially in Iranian women.