Report: A Survey on Collaboration the Status of Authors in Producing Scientific Papers in Journal of Clinical Psychology During 2009-2012



Introduction: Publishing articles in scientific journals, as one of the channels of communication between the researchers, accelerate the development of human knowledge. The study of published articles in journals, give overall, an overview of published research papers in journals for journal directors and also gives their readers. This study aims to investigate collaboration of authors in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, during 2009 to 2012.
Method: This survey is a descriptive one with a statistical procedure. The method of research is Scientometrics and all data were analyzed by Excel software.
Results: Results showed that 128 articles during the period of study had been published, by 431 authors in the Journal of Clinical psychology. In total, 124 women) 28/8%) and 307 males (71/2 %) were the authors. Mean number of authors per article was 3.35. Isfahan University with 18 articles was most prolific among other research institutes and scientific Centers in Journal of Clinical Psychology. Only 6 articles has single author (4/7%). The results highlighted that the Collaboration Coefficient in the journal was 0.7.
Conclusion: Overall, author’s collaboration in Journal of Clinical Psychology is in high level.