The Comparison of Metacognitive Beliefs and Difficulty in Emotion Regulation between Substance Dependence and Normal Individuals



Introduction: The aim of the present study was to compare metacognitive beliefs and difficulty in
emotion regulation between substance dependence and normal individuals.
Method: The design of this study was expos factor in which 50 substance dependence and 50 normal
individuals who were selected using accessible sampling method, were compared with each other.
Subjects completed Wells and Cartwright-Hatton metacognition Questionnaire and Gratz and Roemer
difficulties in emotion regulation Questionnaire. Data were analyzed using T Hotling methods.
Results: The result of this study indicated that there was significant difference between substance
dependent and normal individuals in total scores of metacognitive beliefs and emotion regulation
Conclusion: Based on the result, metacognitive beliefs and emotion regulation are key factors in
substance dependency and could be helpful in its understanding, prevention and treatment.