The Impact of Optimism Instruction by Storytelling on Increasing of Optimism in Students



Introduction: Today, optimism as a positive psychology main topic has great importance. So, we consider optimism as a weapon that causes mental and physical health, life satisfaction, and improved family function, academic, social and career. Therefore, this study was conducted to examine the results of the impact of optimism instruction by storytelling on increasing optimism on first grade high school girl students in Hamadan.
Method: An experimental method designed with control and experimental groups, undergoing pre-test and post-test used. The subjects were selected from the first grade high school girl students in Hamadan, using the multistage cluster sampling. The subjects were classified into control and experimental group, randomly selected from the comprised sample of 48 students. The research instrument was the Optimism Questionnaire. Experimental treatment was conducted on the experimental group during 10 sessions and then post-tests for experimental group were administrated on the subjects. Statistical analysis was conducted by analysis of independent samples, T- test using SPSS-16 software.
Results: The results showed that optimism instruction by storytelling has significant effect on increasing optimism in the first grade high school girl students.
Conclusion: It is necessary to use the new methods of therapy such as storytelling for children and adolescents' therapy and education according to their capacities and requirements.