Appraisal of Effectiveness and Comparison of Emotional-Focused Therapy (EFT) and Reality Therapy on Marital Satisfaction of Couples



Introduction: The marital satisfaction is appropriate index for assessing success in marriage. Increasing of marital satisfaction could be due to permanent life. The aim of this study was to compare of effectiveness of emotion-focused and reality group couple therapies on changing levels of couples' marital satisfaction in Mashhad city.

Method: The research method is pretest- posttest design with control group. The research population was all couples who attended academy of Child and Future in 2012. 24 subjects were selected voluntarily and were assigned into three groups of 8-subject randomly. The data collected by ENRICH scale. The Interventions were conducted by two approaches of EFT and RT on the two groups in 8-sessions of 2-hour weekly. The control group was in waiting list. Mean and standard deviation in statistical level and in inferential level ANCOVA and pairwise comparison Bonfroni tests were used to analyze data.    

Results: The results showed that there is significant difference between experimental groups and control group in marital satisfaction variable, but there is no significant difference between emotion-focused and reality therapy groups in marital satisfaction variable. 

Conclusion: It seems that connected of human's psychological components (emotional, cognitive and behavior) in uniformity of effect of these two approaches has had influence on marital satisfaction.