Comparison of Attachment Styles and Emotion Regulation Strategies in Addicts and Non-Addict People



Introduction: Idividuals' attachment and excitement are important factors  to turn of addiction. This research aimed to compare the attachment styles and emotion regulation strategies in addcits and non-addict people.

Methods: This study is causal-comparative study. The study population included all drug users who referred to Semnan's addiction treatment centers and sample size composed 60 patients (30 addcits and 30 non-addicts). Adult attachment style questionnaire and emotion regulation strategies were used to collect data. Multivariate analysis of variance was performed to analyze by using SPSS-18 software.

Results: The results showed significant difference in the level of P<0.05 between mean scores of drug users and non-drug user in ambivalence attachment styles as well as emotion regulation strategies of repression.

Conclusion: According to findings of this research,proper training can be helpful in the rehabilitation and opioid withdrawal in emotion regulation and creation of social support system - family and social relations in order to restore unsafe attachment style that addicts have it.