Comparison of the Emotional Responses to Rorschach Test Among Individual with High and Low Emotion Regulation Difficulties

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Introduction:The aim of this study was to compare the emotional characteristics of Rorschach test among studentswith high and lowemotion regulation problems.
Method:Applying available sampling method a total sample of 200 students ofKharazmi University were selected and a sample of 30 participantswere chosen among them for two groups of the study basedon their high (n: 15) and low (n: 15) scores inDifficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale.
Results:A MANOV analysis performed for comparison emotional responses of two groups. Results were shownsignificantlyhigher scoresfor: pure C, affective ratio (Afr), color projection (CP), ratio figure then color (Fc: Cf + c), depression index (DEPI) and coping deficit index (CDI) forgroupof high emotion regulation difficulties rather thangroup of low emotion regulation difficulties.
Conclusion:The Rorschach test could be a useful reference tool to distinguish features of mood changes and emotional states of individual with range of emotion regulation problems. Generalization ofthis results should cautiouslybemade and needs further research.


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