Author = Poursharifi, H
The Comparison of Affective Temperament and Early Maladaptive Self-Schemas in Borderline Personality Patients, Bipolar Patients and Normal Individuals

Volume 6, Issue 2, October 2014, Pages 13-28


Q Nabizadeh-Chianeh; H Poursharifi; A Farnam; H Qaderi; B Ansari-Zangakani; N Shiralizadeh

The Role of Personality Characteristics and Coping Strategies in Self-Care of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Volume 5, Issue 2, July 2013, Pages 89-99


Tooraj Hashemi; Majid Mahmood Aliloo; Hamid Poorsharifi; Mansoor Bayrami; Fatemeh Nemati-Sogolitappeh

The Relationship between Intolerance of Uncertainty and Rumination with Worry on Student Population

Volume 4, Issue 4, January 2013, Pages 83-92


Samereh Asadi; Maryam Abedini; Hamid Poursharifi; Mahnaz Nikokar

Comparative Efficacy of Transactional Analysis Versus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Pathological Symptoms of Emotional Breakdown in Students

Volume 4, Issue 3, October 2012, Pages 87-101


Ebrahim Akbari; Zeinab Khanjani; Hamid Poursharifi; Majid Mahmoud-Alilou; Zeinab Azimi

The Effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing on Satisfying Basic Psychological Needs of the Patients under Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

Volume 3, Issue 2, July 2011, Pages 43-52


Yadollah Ghasemi-pour; Hadi Bahrami-Ehsan; Sommayeh ghahramanloo-Nejad; Hamid Pour-Sharifi

Personality Traits and Behavioral Inhibition/Activation Systems in Patients with Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Normal Individuals

Volume 2, Issue 3, October 2010, Pages 51-62


Ghasim Nabi- zadeh; Touraj Hashemi Nosrat-abad; Hamid Pour sharifi; Mohmmad Frorshi