Effectiveness of Self-Efficacy Training on Social Relationships in Runaway Girls: A Single-Subject Research



Introduction: The present study aims to investigate the effect of self-efficacy training on runaway girls improvement of social relations in Isfahan city.
Method: The participants of this study were two runaway girls who residing in Isfehan Behzisti Center and recognized to have social relation disorders. An evidence-base methodology was used to measure positive social behaviors which gave to shift trainers checklists. The trainers observed and recorded these in the form of behaviors. A single-subject method with A-B design methodology research used as well. The intervention started right after the baseline condition and 12 individual sessions of self-efficacy training given to them afterwards. Also, they were given follow up tests after 2 successive weeks of training.
Results: The results of the data analysis based on descriptive statistics' and visual analysis indices revealed that the intervention has been effective on the two participants (100% of PND for both participants).
Conclusion: The results of the present study were compatible with those of previously conducted ones indicating that the positive social relations of individuals improve along with the increase in their self-efficacy. As a result, self-efficacy training in this study increased the positive social relations of under study runaway girls.