Identification of Psychosocial Stressors Associated with DSM-IV-TR Axis IV among Students



Introduction: The fact that stress can cause undesirable changes in the psychosocial functioning and growth has caused the 1980 publication of DSM-III (and in future versions) psychosocial stressors are considered in the diagnosis of mental disorders. This study was designed to light psychosocial stressors among students.
Method: This research has been conducted in a correlation study. Stratified random sample of 1011 students from the Payame Noor University of East Azerbaijan Province were selected and tested the perception of stressful events. Data analyzed using factor analysis and T test for independent groups.
Results: The results showed four categories of stressors: loss related problems, readjustment related problems, education/ job related stressors and pleasant events related problems. Also, the perceptions of psychosocial stressors among female students than male students are.
Conclusion: Thus DSM-IV-TR Axis IV 9 categories have represented in the four major categories identified in this study. However, this study showed that the pattern of psychosocial stressors in students can be different.
Keywords: Psychosocial Stressors, Loss, Readjustment Problems, Education /Job Problems , Pleasant Events, DSM-IV-TR Axis IV